2023 Hockey Tournament


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Flint Lapeer Oldtimers Hockey Tournament

3 Game Guarantee; Two Periods of 16 Minutes

40+ Championship 2023

0Gagnon Tournament01046

50+ East Championship 2023

1BC Heating Tournament10360
2Kelly’s Tournament01006

50+ West Championship 2023

1Bothwell Tournament10363
2Bott Tournament01036

60+ Championship 2023

1Senior Class Tournament10310
2Madd Dogs Tournament01001

67+ Championship 2023

1Port Huron 67+ Tournament10332
2Lansing Tournament01023

March 31st, April 1st and 2nd

Crystal Fieldhouse
5371 Daly Farms Dr.
Burton, MI 48509

Age Divisions
40+; 50+; 60+; 67+

$700 per team

3 game guarantee with two periods of 16 minutes per game.
All proceeds benefit Flint Oldtimers Hockey Club


Mike Pettey

Art Autio

2023 Flint Lapeer Oldtimers Hockey Tournament Rules & Regulations


1) The tournament format will be round robin, with the results used to seed teams into a

single elimination bracket. During round robin play, teams will earn points based on the following formula:

REGULATION WIN = 3 points.

SHOOTOUT WIN = 2 points


Seeding for finals will be based on total points.

 Ties for seeding after pool play will be broken on the following basis:

 a) Head-to-head competition.

b) Goal differential (Total goals for less total goals against. A higher number is better). Within Division

  • Goals for.
  • Goals against.
  •  Coin toss.

2) Games shall consist of two periods of 16 minutes stop-time.

3) Teams will not switch ends during any games

  • A shootout during pool play will consist of three rounds. The team that scores the most goals wins. If tied after three rounds the shootout shall continue in one round increments.  The home team decides the order in which the teams shoot.  Shootouts will end once one team has secured a guaranteed victory (such as leading 2-0 in a three-round shootout after two rounds).

3a) A player that is serving a penalty or misconduct at the end of the game is ineligible to shoot in the shootout. The only exception being a player that is serving a minor penalty for a player issued a misconduct, the player serving the minor is eligible to shoot. However, a

player serving a bench minor or a penalty for goalie is not eligible. 

3b) Every eligible player on the roster must shoot before a player can shoot a second time. 5c) Once every eligible player for one team has shot, both teams may start recycling players.

3c) Teams must report to the official scorer and/or referee any player who is injured and unable to participate in the shootout.  Such a report cannot be reversed. Once a report is made that player is considered ineligible for the shootout. 

3d) If a player is injured during the course of the shootout they must report the injury immediately to the official scorer to be deemed ineligible.  

  • During a shootout the puck must be continually moving forward, the shooter may not play the puck until the referee blows his whistle, and the goaltender may not leave his crease prior to the shooter playing the puck.
  • Any game resulting in a shootout will result with one goal being added to the winning team’s score regardless of the number of goals scored in the shootout. For example, a game that enters a shootout tied 2-2 will result in a final score of 3-2.  That 3rd goal will count when tabulating total goals for and total goals against.

Sport Rules

  1. This tournament will be conducted in accordance with USA Hockey rules, except as modified herein. For a copy of these rules, please call USA Hockey at  (719) 576-8724 or visit www.usahockey.com.  
  2. Slap shots are permitted. However, at no time will sticks be permitted above the knee. The penalty shall be a face-off in the violating team’s end.  
  3. Checking is not permitted. Any player who intentionally pushes, shoves, checks or fails to avoid body contact with an opponent shall be assessed a 2-minute penalty.  
  4. USA Hockey or CAHA approved helmets are required for all players. Full protective equipment is mandatory. Facemasks are strongly recommended. Playing with an unapproved helmet will result in a 2-minute delay of game penalty and the offending player will not be allowed to play again until he shows an official that he has switched to an approved helmet.
  5. Penalties will be assessed as follows: Minor-2 minutes; Major-5 minutes;  

Misconduct -10 minutes. Any player receiving a total of four penalties in one game will be ejected from that game. Any player receiving 2 ten-minute misconduct penalties in one game will be issued an automatic game misconduct. Fighting will result in an automatic disqualification from the tournament. Any combination of 3 major penalties and/or misconducts will result in disqualification from the tournament. If the scoreboard allows penalties will stop running during run time play.

  • Any game misconduct penalty will incur an automatic 1 game suspension. The tournament director may waive or increase this suspension at their discretion.
  • The center red line will not be enforced for two-line passes.
  • Each team shall be granted one 30-second timeout per game.
  • Team jerseys must be of like design and color. Other uniform clothing should be of like design and color. Teams are encouraged to have one colored and one white jersey. The home team shall have the primary choice of jersey color should both teams have similar colors. Uniforms shall be free of inappropriate symbols or wording; the tournament director shall have final say on whether or not content is deemed to be inappropriate. Examples are anything that promotes or endorses any illegal activities and profanity/racial slurs.     
  • Verbal abuse of officials is prohibited.  The tournament director may, at their discretion, issue a suspension for verbal abuse of an official (including off ice officials such as scorekeepers, goal judges, arena staff, and tournament staff), even if there was no penalty called on the ice.
  • If any player makes intentional physical contact with an official (including off ice officials such as scorekeepers, goal judges, arena staff, and tournament staff), in an unsportsmanlike manner an immediate expulsion from the tournament.
  1. All players must compete in at least one round robin game to be eligible for elimination play.